This very popular programme was delivered over 5 days during the Easter Break. The first day, April 1st, was dedicated to Music Production. Music Generation Meath registered all of the participants on Soundtrap. This is an online Digital Audio Workstation which can be used to manipulate recordings and input samples and beats. It allows participants to collaborate remotely.

April 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th was dedicated to Songwriting, in particular the following:

Melody, hooks, rhythm, tempo, lyrics, theme, chorus, arrangement, middle 8, backing vocals and mood. Finalise the song structure and arrangement. Analyse some popular songs. Have an outline of how to record a good quality demo of the newly written song.

See below for some examples of the songs that were written on the course

‘Repair and Replace’ written by Colm and Sean
‘Yesterday’ written by Conor and Aoife
‘Off my mind’ by Gavin and Aoife
‘Punker Day’ by Tamara and Caoimhe